Love your 401(k)? Enter this competition to win $1,000!

Love your 401(k)? Enter this competition to win $1,000!

401k champion award

Just got this press release in my inbox and almost peed my pants:

Applications are now open for the second annual 401(k) Champion Award, the only award of its kind given to individuals who demonstrate the importance of retirement saving. Three $1,000 prizes will be awarded to 401(k) participants who complete an application and essay about their 401(k) experiences by Feb. 14.

$1,000 cash!! For basically just LOVING your 401(k)!! AHHH!!! Rub it in my face that I no longer have one, why don’t you!! Where’s that SEP IRA Champion Award??! (**Goes to buy the domain**)

But while I can’t enter this glorious competition, hopefully you or someone you know can! And then we can split the winnings and get half an iPhone each 😂

But seriously, you have to enter –>

From Julie Jason of Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc:


The 401(k) Champion Award honors employees who “love” their 401(k)s. A 401(k) Champion leads by example. He or she is committed to act now to secure a retirement someday in the future.

Purpose of the 401(k) Champion Award:

  • To energize 401(k) participants to learn more about 401(k)s
  • To identify and share the stories of 401(k) Champions
  • To encourage a dialogue about 401(k) and retirement security
  • To help employers share the benefits of 401(k)s, especially for youthful employees who may not realize how to maximize the benefits of long time horizons

To compete for the award, please complete this application form before the deadline. (February 14, 2020) Three award-winners will be announced in April 2020. Each will be recognized as a 401(k) Champion and awarded a cash prize of $1,000.

To be eligible to be considered, you must be 21 or over, and be currently participating in your 401(k).


It’ll take you some good time to fill it out, but all the better since most people are too lazy to try. Think about what a difference your 401(k) has made in your life, and how you see your future because of it!! Did it completely light a spark for you like it did for me??! Do you get an insane match that would make you an idiot NOT to take up?!

(True story: one of my old employers used to match 100% of 100% you put in up to the legal limit – vested right on the spot. And I was STILL only one of a few to sign up!!)

Think about it for a few and then enter here –>

I really want one of you to win it!! Just picture your face here for the 2020 awards!! 😉

401k Champions 2019

PS: Not affiliated with them at all or anything… Just a HUGE believer in 401(k)s and FREE MONEY!! Make sure your getting YOURS from your employer!


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