Should we buy this Benz?!

Should we buy this Benz?!

mercedes benz ml 320 cdi

So here’s an interesting deal that recently popped into my inbox!

A cousin of mine asked if any of us need a new car as he’s about to sell his that he hardly uses anymore (and we do! My wife’s is getting pretty decrepit!), and out of all the cars in the world it’s one of my FAVORITES from back in the day!

A Mercedes ML-Class SUV!

SO SEXY!!!! AAAHHHH!!! Even though I’ve never actually been inside one before or even *driven* one! Haha… But that’s exactly why I need your help today šŸ™‚ My heart started racing the second I saw this and I can’t tell if my emotions are masking the actual situation here, or if it’s TRULY a good deal?!

I know they’re made well, and from what I hear are rather *safe*, but I just don’t know much about them and honestly wasn’t even in the market for one…

We were looking for minivans!! Haha… But now we’re both kinda excited – including my wife!! – so trying to take a step back more and really look at the pros/cons… If she had killed it from the start we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, but that just makes it even harder now! šŸ™‚

Here are some pics, followed by the details:

benz ml320 front

benz ml320 inside front

ml320 benz inside back

ml320 benz back


  • 2008 Mercedes ML-320 CDI
  • V6
  • 21 MPG
  • All wheel drive
  • 7-speed shiftable automatic
  • Diesel gas
  • Sunroof
  • Heated seats (front and back)
  • Heated steering wheel (!)
  • Tow hitch (our Lexus doesn’t have one)
  • Navigation (not updated though)
  • Screens in the back seats for the kids
  • No major issues
  • Only two owners – with my cuz owning for past 10 years
  • Regularly maintained and serviced at Benz dealership
  • Really well taken care of

And then the two biggies:

  • Price tag: $5,000 (!!!) (For family members only – The KBB shows $7,000’ish which is what he’ll list it for if none of us are interested in it…)
  • Mileage: 140,000 miles (!!!)

Ackk!!! See my dilemma??

A hot car (my once dream car!) well maintained and super cheap, but at any moment can still break down and cost us up the keister in repairs…

And while I don’t know much about the cars themselves, I DO know they are not cheap to maintain. At least if you’re taking them to the dealership every time. (I called my local shop to see if they work on them, and they do, however they can’t get into the electronic side of things or other Benz-specific items so we’d be out of luck on anything outside of regular repairs/maintenance)

There’s a lot of other cons I can think of right off the bat too:

  • Diesel is not always the easiest to find
  • Diesel is more expensive than regular gas (about 50 cents it seems like), however cheaper than *premium* gas by also 50 cents’ish which most luxury vehicles take
  • We already have an SUV and they’re not the greatest on the environment (though not sure how different minivans are?)
  • They don’t have a third row like minivans do, although it does have a large trunk
  • It’s the opposite of stealth wealth, which I don’t like ONE BIT!! (Even though it’s only $5k!!)
  • I’m not a fan of black on black, but can’t really be too picky, haha…
  • It’s very possible I’ll hate driving it, which I’ll only know if I go to test drive it…
  • I’ll have to go partially across the country to get it as my cuz doesn’t live anywhere close to me (Road trip!!! ;))

We’re on day #3 of thinking about it, and I still can’t wrap my head around it enough to make a call one way or the other

A part of me just wants to say “F it – let’s get it done and have some fun!!!” But the other – older man – version of me is saying “Hoooooold on now cowboy, are you sure you want that anxiety dangling over your head like that??! You know it’s going to break down at some point, right?? And how ridiculous would it be parking that thing in your driveway – it’s gonna look like a damn luxury dealership!”

But then I also think about the long process of picking up a car from elsewhere and how annoying/tricky that can be without knowing the history or how well it’s been maintained, and all the different options and models out there, and yada yada yada, and that doesn’t excite me that much either…

I used to love car shopping, but now all the optimizing drives me crazy!! It takes me 10x longer to make larger decisions these days and I hate that about myself šŸ˜¦ With this car here we have no choice but to either accept it as-is or move on! And that alone is quite tempting! Haha…

That’s my brain dumping for you today anyways, and now eager to hear what you think…

Would you buy this if you were currently on the hunt for a new car? Have you ever owned a Benz SUV before? Am I stupid for even considering this?? šŸ˜‰

The one other silly thing I really like about it is that it has a few scratches already which means I won’t feel as bad when my kids get a hold of it, haha… All my anxiety with our Lexus dissipated after I hit that fire hydrant a few years back and it was great! Though never had that problem with Frankencaddy!

Thanks for listening, y’all. Let me have it!

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PS: One other thing I should note is that my cousin offered to buy it back from us if we take it home and realize it’s not a good fit for our family after a month or so… which I’d hate to take him up on, but it does lesson the concern more… (and in which case I’d probably just help him sell it here then so it’s not being transported all over the place)

PPS: And before anyone asks, yes – I do miss Frankencaddy šŸ˜¦ In my perfect world I’d drive around a beater all day long and be in bliss, but until my kids are on their own I have to keep my “dad” pants on and make sure safety/reliability comes first. The day they’re gone though I’m taking those pants right off! Haha… Hubba hubba!


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