Limited Edition FIRE Stickers! [Giveaway]

Limited Edition FIRE Stickers! [Giveaway]

FIRE stickers

What up, what up!!!

Was handed a package of these KILLER new stickers at FinCon this week, and couldn’t help but spread the love even though I know we’ve been doing like a million giveaways here lately, haha… (Are you enjoying them all?? Annoyed already? Rather I switch to passing out cash money???! ;))

They come from the brilliant mind of, who’s only printed a small run of them for all us on Twitter who were basically OBSESSED with them as soon as they crossed our eyes!!

FIRE stickers

That little barista coffee guy cracks me up, haha… Stuck it on my laptop ASAP as that’s exactly what I’m shooting for – Barista FIRE! Financial Independence, but with some extra perks/health insurance!

The Frugal Weirdo sticker is pretty hot too, though I don’t have the balls to slap that one on my computer just yet 😉

If you like any of these, enter the giveaway below for a chance to win!!

They’re so exclusive you can’t even buy them anywhere! Haha…

And I have 6 sheets to give out – two for each winner of today’s giveaway. Keep one for yourself to enjoy, and then give the other to SOMEONE ELSE who you know will appreciate them and/or who need the constant reminder 😉

You will be the new belle of the ball with these – I guarantee it! I’ve already gotten like 15 people coming up to shake my hand and thank me for my awesomeness!! They’re in complete awe!!*

(*Okay not really, but they should be!! FIRE stickers are the new Budgeting stickers! ;))

Answer these two questions below and you’ll be automatically entered to win:

Where would you rock these stickers?? And who would you give the 2nd sheet to?

We’ll pick the 3 winners after the weekend, and then come back here and update the post with them. Good luck!!! Open only to the U.S. I’m afraid, or else it’ll cost me a couple cups of that Barista FIRE to ship them…

Thanks again for giving me a stash, Military Dollar! I think you’ve got a new side hustle on your hands! Maybe for round two you can include a little Fart FIRE action??? 😉


j. money signature

PS: In case you missed it, here were the winners of last week’s “Retire Before Mom and Dad” book: Gene Roberts, Colleen L. and Patti M.!


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