A Quick Thanks + A New $$$ Book on The Scene: “Retire Before Mom and Dad”

A Quick Thanks + A New $$$ Book on The Scene: “Retire Before Mom and Dad”

goodbye tension, hello pension

Morning guys!

Told you I’d be back 🙂

It’s a wild feeling still blogging away here as if nothing ever happened, but here we are! Life keeps going on no matter what we do!

And I gotta say – never in my entire blogging life have I felt so loved. Thank you so SO much for all the words of encouragement and congrats yesterday, and really for just making me feel more confident again after being scared to put it all out there… Sometimes you can get so stuck in your head even though you *know* you’re making the right decision, but then you receive a few kind words from your friends and you’re feeling right back on top of the world again 🙂

So thank you for having my back! And I promise to continue having yours here too as we venture into new territories!


I’m still digging through my emails and trying to respond to everyone, but wanted to share another new $$$ book that just came out on the scene real quick that I’m hoping might help some of you.

It’s called “Retire Before Mom and Dad: The Simple Numbers Behind A Lifetime of Financial Freedom,” and comes from long-time PF blogger (DoughRoller) and Forbes Deputy Editor, Rob Berger.

retire before mom and dadHere are a few of the more juicier things it covers:

  • The 5 money myths that are keeping you from a life of financial freedom
  • The step-by-step plan you need to save money without giving up your favorite hobbies
  • How the rule of 857 turns pocket change into thousands in savings
  • The superpower you have to become wealthy on just about any income
  • How to achieve financial freedom with AutoPilot investing
  • The 7 Levels of Financial Freedom and what it takes to reach each level

And as always, I have a few copies I can give out 🙂

If you’re interested in checking it out, just answer the below questions in the comments or via email and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Then I’ll announce the winners shortly after this upcoming weekend!

Here are the questions:

At what age did your parents retire? Do you think you’ll be able to hit financial independence before that age?

Long-time readers might recall my mom retired at 59 the second her financial planner told her she could retire anytime she wanted (read my interview with her about it here!), and then my father retired two years later at 62 and only recently came to terms with spending money instead of saving it all the time 😉 Something I’ll probably have a hard time with too since your whole life it’s been engrained to save save save!!

So my answer to that second question is a hearty YUP! We’re definitely on track to hit our FIRE goals well before our 50s or 60s, and I can only hope the same will be true for MY kids as they start their financial journeys too…

I’d pick up that mug up top for each of them on their fateful day, but something tells me pensions will be even more a thing of the past by then, haha… At least my pops got to enjoy a quick laugh from it!

How about you guys? Do you think you’ll be able to retire before your parents did?

FYI: There’s also a great BLOG around this stuff, not relating to the book –> RetireBeforeDad.com

And before I forget – here are the winners of last week’s budgeting stickers giveaway – I’m officially out of free stuff now! Haha… –> Sara, Leslie S., and Lisa B.

*Link to books above are Amazon affiliate links


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