New Beginnings, and The Future of Budgets Are Sexy

New Beginnings, and The Future of Budgets Are Sexy

new beginnings

Morning guys!!

So I have something to announce today that I’m super excited – and super scared!! – to share, but as we always do here on the blog I’ll be as transparent and real as possible with y’all, and hopefully by the end of it you’ll still want to be friends 🙂

This wild and crazy news that I still can’t believe I’m about to say?

I’ve decided to sell Budgets Are Sexy and help build out a new financial network about to launch, while at the same time still *blogging here daily* as I have been for the past 11+ years 😉

Since of course there’s no way I’m just gonna leave everyone hanging after so long!

As part of the partnership I’ve committed to being here at least for another 6 months (and hopefully more if everyone will still have me!), so in a way nothing is changing at all here since you’ll still see my pretty face day in and day out, while on the other hand everything is changing as I simultaneously focus on a new venture in hopes of making a greater impact in the community.

This company acquiring Budgets Are Sexy and who I’ll be working with to launch this upcoming project? The SoapBox Financial Network, a division of The Motley Fool whose mission is eerily close to my own: to help people become “smarter, happier and richer.” (the only thing missing here is “sexier” ;))

soapbox financial network

This may come as a surprise to many of you, particularly since I’ve been happily in the game forever, but when things align so perfectly that you just can’t ignore them, you gotta go with your gut and hope it’s the right call.

That said, here are some of the bigger lifestyle variables I’ve been considering, which will help explain why this all makes more sense for me right now:

#1. Freedom. It sounds weird, but handing over something that’s by all means considered an asset also feels incredibly freeing! There’s so many aspects to running a blog than just writing for it (accounting, sales, tech, marketing, growth!) that the idea of shedding everything you hate and focusing on only what you enjoy (for me – writing and community!), makes the whole proposition that much better. And as a practicing minimalist, it’s one less major thing to worry about and detach from too which I’m surprisingly okay with. I’ve come to realize I don’t necessarily need to *own* a project or thing in order to enjoy it, just so long as I’m given the opportunity to do so.

(Also – how crazy is it that you can even *sell* a blog?? It’s literally just my thoughts on a site out there, but technically once it starts making $$$ it doubles as a “small business.” So wild, right?)

#2. Opportunity. Speaking of opportunity 😉 I’ve been fortunate to have a number of them passed over to me throughout the years, and while many of them don’t end up making sense, there are times like this that match my strengths and desires so well that it makes my present situation look quite dull, haha… And that’s saying something since we have a pretty good thing going here!! But that’s the thing about opportunities – they can hit you when you least expect it, and if you’re not open enough to really consider them, you’re liable to live a life full of regret, or worse – always wondering *what could have been!* It’s hard to know whether it’s truly the right decision until after it’s done, but you do your best with the info provided you at the time, and right now that info is telling me to GO FOR IT or else I’d be a complete imbecile, haha… So this is me avoiding imbecilism! 😉

#3. Identity. This one’s a bit harder to explain, but I feel like I’ve been living two separate lives for so long that I now can’t tell which is the real one and which is the digital one, haha… Even though we’re one and the same! And while such is the nature of being an online blogger, I’ve noticed that I often prioritize the wrong version of me during the times when the opposite should be happening. Like when I was in the ER the other week to make sure I wasn’t dying (spoiler alert: I wasn’t!), but how all I could think about was how I was going to break the news on the blog and what would happen to it afterwards?! Instead of, you know, focusing on my health or family!! Not that they didn’t come up at some point, haha, but still – no bueno. So this is also a good step in helping me detach a little more in hopes of improved focus on the real me, even though of course the digital me will be tagging along forever 😉

#4. Collaboration! Man it’s been so long since I’ve worked with a good – and smart – team! Being solo has its perks, but I’ve sorely missed the camaraderie of working with others and building something bigger than ourselves… The last time I had this was when we turbocharged Rockstar Finance, and I think making this move will be a great way to recapture some of that magic from back then. Only now with the funding and resources to really blow it out of the water! And after touring the offices of The Fool the other day, I can confidently say our cultures are rather well aligned.

(Fun fact: these offices I toured were the same ones I visited almost 9 years ago when my blog was just starting to take off and they were interested in meeting! And now a decade later here I am partnering up on such a fun project! So surreal!)

#5. Capitalization. From the start of this blog on Feb 12th, 2008 to today, I’ve spent approximately 4,216 days in a row building the site – or a little over a quarter of my life (!!!). And while I never set out to make any real money off it, the thought of the site one day getting shut down or hacked, or again – God forbid something happening to ME where I can’t maintain it any longer! – it’s nice to be able to capitalize on all the hard work over the years while I’m fully present and able to set up a legacy plan for my heirs. Not that I think about death every other second or anything, just every hour! 😉

#6. Change. You might have noticed this, but I’ve also gotten pretty complacent on the blog over the years as evidence of my ever increasing sabbaticals, haha… So this acquisition makes for a good time to spice it up more too and shock me out of my comfort zone. Even though it IS rather cozy here going with the flow and not really challenging myself!

#7. And lastly of course, The Financials 🙂 Which I’m not gonna lie – does play a major role here. The mission and the community of the blog have always come first, which you can tell from me never monetizing much on the site! ;),  but receiving a large chunk of money certainly adds to the excitement.  How large exactly? Well, unfortunately I can’t divulge the true numbers due to the nature of contracts and legality (though believe me I fought for it, even though I lost!), however I *can* tell you the purchase price was in the low to mid 6 figures, and it’ll be pretty hard to miss in our next net worth report 😉 It also comes with a substantial salary that’s hard to hate as well, so between that and everything else listed above it puts us in a great position to hit financial freedom even sooner, while having the right mindset – and freedom – to enjoy it then. Not that we’re still anywhere close to it, haha…

So there it is!

The news is out of the bag and officially in motion now – eek!

I hope you’ll give it a chance and see how it feels!

I’d write you a whole treatise on how much y’all mean to me and why none of this would even be possible without you (both true stories), but seeing how this isn’t even close to The End and I’ll literally be back tomorrow with a brand new post, haha, I’ll save those parting words for another day well into the future 😉

For now, just know I appreciate y’all more than you’ll ever know, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always encouraging me and reading the blog!! We still got a lot of financial gospel to preach, so let’s keep the party going!

Yours in finance forever,

j. money signature

PS: I still own my Twitter and email accounts (@BudgetsAreSexy // budgetsaresexy @ gmail (dot) com), so feel free to reach out directly anytime! Or through my personal weekly newsletter if you want to stay even more connected:


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