Cool new product (and giveaway) –> Budgeting Stickers!!

Cool new product (and giveaway) –> Budgeting Stickers!!

Budgeting Stickers!!”>budget bear stickers


Got a cool new product to pass along your way today, particularly for those who love some journaling/scrapbooking/good ol’ sticker fun 😉

They come from my friend Michael Murphy who invented those Investing Journals we featured earlier in the year, and this time around he’s set his focus on helping people get excited about (and actually STICKING TO) their budgets more – quite literally! He’s calling them Budget Bear Budgeting Stickers, and you can see a smattering of what they look like below 🙂

But before we get to all that, let me announce the winners real quick of last week’s book giveaway — Quit Like a Millionaire, which turned out to be a super popular drawing as over 300 of you entered for it! And rightfully so as it’s a great book! But alas we only have two copies to hand out, and the lucky new owners of those two are….. dum dum dum… MK and Linda (Commenter #118) – Congrats, guys!  Hope they get you both to a milly faster!

And now back to these baller stickers…

The Budget Bear Budgeting Stickers

Per my friend —

“The Budget Bear is a fun sticker book guide to help a person create a new budget using stickers with guided instructions and examples. Other sticker pages help a person use stickers to figure our their net worth, spending habits, and other fun random budgeting stickers. The Budget Bear contains 10 pages total with over 1400 unique stickers in each booklet.”

1,400 stickers!! All around finance!!!

Here’s more about them below, along with examples of what they look like…

budget bear sticker pack

budget bear stickers - spending

budgeting stickers


budget bear stickers - commiting

budget bear stickers

budget bear stickers - net worth

budget bear habit stickers

More from the Budget Bear website:

The Budget Bear Habit Stickers are designed to be used with any journal, notebook, planner, or calendar. You simply follow the instructions on each page; then use the stickers as labels writing in your specific information for each step…

Use these budgeting stickers to make budgeting fun, and to create a budget that you can actually keep. Building better spending and budgeting habits is key to growing your personal finances.


  • Spending Assessment
  • Create a Personalized Budget
  • Tracking and Commitment Stickers
  • Credit / Debit Card Label Stickers and Receipt Stickers
  • Spending Matrix to Learn about your Spending Habits
  • Net worth assessment stickers to learn how much you’re worth on paper
  • Monthly Labels & Variety of Star and Coin Stickers


Price for the stickers: $24.99, currently discounted down to $17.97!

[UPDATE: Michael just hooked us up with a 15% off promo code making it even CHEAPER for anyone who’s interested! Just enter “JMONEY” at checkout to get it, or if you’re on mobile click to view the summary and you’ll find the place to enter it there before paying. Hope it helps!]

Learn more/order them here: Budget Bear Budgeting Stickers


Wanna chance to win a free pack of these??

Answer this question below in the comments or via email, and I’ll randomly select THREE of you to win your very own financial sticker book 😉

What’s the one area you SUCK at with budgeting??

And for extra credit – what’s the one area you ROCK to help make up for all that sucking?? 😉

Send in your answers by midnight this Friday, August 30th, and you’ll automatically be entered to win… U.S. only for this one, unfortunately…

Good luck!! And keep on creating FUN new ways to get people excited about this stuff!!! Never know what will click and change someone’s financial life! Pass this to anyone you think might be helped by it!


PS: Michael hooked me up with some free stickers and compensation for sharing this today, though I would have gladly done it anyways because BUDGETING STICKERS!!


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