When spending money improves your life!

When spending money improves your life!

$100 dollars


So I’ve been spending a lot of money on something lately, and after weeks of trying to figure out why I’ve been so perfectly fine with it I’ve finally figured it out 🙂

These things I’ve been dropping money on??

  • Electric lawnmower
  • Electric hedge trimmer
  • Electric weed wacker (that came with an electric snow blower!)
  • And then most recently – an electric chain saw 😉

Total spending = roughly $700, minus some coupons.

Now at first I thought I was just being a good home owner and picking up the necessary tools to maintain a lawn since I hadn’t owned any in years, but the part that really got me was that I wasn’t just going out and buying the cheapest base models I could find like I typically do, but instead I was picking up the more expensive – and modern! – versions packed with rechargeable batteries and all!

My wife laughs because she expected me to take my time and scour yard sales every weekend for the best deals which is usually my m.o., but something about that shiny new equipment spoke to me and turned me toward a different course…

What were they saying??

“Pick me up, baby, and let’s get this party started!! You know you’ll have way more fun using US every weekend vs those environmentally nasty tools from last century! Charge me up and let’s start prettying up that lawn!!!” Haha…

And for the first time in a while, I listened to those brand new items wooing me over and do you know what started happening??

And now I’m out there approximately 10x more than I ever have been! Haha…

Of course, it also helps that we’ve got a beautiful landscape to be poking around in and a hella fun riding lawn mower left by the previous owners, but picking up these tools have turbocharged my motivation which is generally pretty hard to do.

I’m not a garden/lawn guy in the least 😉

But that’s the thing with money sometimes. Sure it’s good to stack and invest it, but other times it can be harnessed to improve areas of your life as well! Especially with those you struggle with, like for example lawn care or perhaps cooking or organizing or grooming or 100 other areas we have to tackle in life as an adult. It might take a little money up front than you’d normally spend, but if it enhances your life noticeably then it just may be worth it!

Here are other things I’ve caught myself spending on over the months that have gone on to increase my productivity levels:

  • Brand new measuring cups and spoons (my old mismatched/non-complete sets inherited over the years drove me crazy every time I went to use them!! To the point where sometimes I wouldn’t even bother cooking because it was such a hassle to find exactly what I needed!)
  • Higher-end pens that actually work all the time and feel good on the fingers! (and by higher-end, I really mean those that cost a couple of dollars each vs a couple of cents 😉 Like my all-time favorite Uni-Ball EYE Rollerballs!
  • Faster laptop upgrades instead of eeking them out to the point of frustration (Wow what an impact this has had on my daily life!! Even just laptops that are 20-30% faster due to age completely improves your efficiency!)
  • Non-cheap electric razors… (very important for the ‘hawk ;))

And these are just a few I can think off my head…

Point is, it’s perfectly fine to spend money on things that enhance your life vs hoarding it all the time. You don’t want to go overboard and enhance EVERYTHING as you’ll be left penniless, but do your best to not be so hard on yourself or lie awake riddled with guilt just because you picked something up that’ll go on to make your life better.

Other things that fall in this category btw are books, self-improvement courses/classes, certain foods or beverages that fulfill your soul, quality shoes and clothes, date nights, and pretty much anything else that helps make you a better YOU over time and/or increases your quality of life. Again, all within reason.

We may be $700 less rich now w/ all our fancy equipment, but my goodness do I now enjoy getting out there and tackling God’s green earth more! I might have been fine without it, but it definitely wouldn’t be as exciting… And if my interest waned, who knows – maybe we would be more tempted to hire it out and go well beyond the $700 one-time spending! The couple of estimates we got from landscapers said they’d charge around $75/pop, and that was just for the mowing… You tack on the weeding and whacking and trimming and sawing and I’m sure we’d be in the mid-$100’s. For something I can now happily just do myself with a charge of a battery 🙂

So all that to say that I’m now a proud lawn maintenance guy, and I’m not going to feel bad for splurging a little to get to this point. The more annoyances you can cross out of your life just by spending a few bucks, the better!! You can’t buy yourself out of everything, but the few things you can – so long as you can afford it – the better.

Here’s a pic of my lovely (matching) equipment if you’re curious… They’re all from Greenworks and you can interchange a lot of the batteries which is cool (UPDATE: Forgot to include the chainsaw – d’oh! But it basically looks like the rest – bright green and black, haha…)

greenworks lawn tools

(Probably not good to buy them used, fyi though, since you wouldn’t want to get over-worked batteries that you then have to replace which cost half the price of the actual tools themselves! So that’s the only downside I’ve come across so far with these… That some day you’ll need to replace them. But again, since you can use the same batteries for many of the tools it should help prolong that if you do pick up more than one… Oh, and you’ll also want to make sure that whatever batteries/tools you do get that they last long enough for the job you’re trying to tackle, which for the most part should be fine if you have typical-sized yards and needs… Ours last more than enough to get the job done in one charge.)

When was the last time you picked something up that greatly improved your life or productivity?? Even though it may have been expensive??

Are you sleeping okay at night from it?? 🙂

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