Goood morning!!! I’m back!

Goood morning!!! I’m back!

magical tidying up book & coffee

It’s been a while, eh? 🙂

Anything wild or crazy happen with y’all lately?

Some wild stuff happened here – but unfortunately not all in the “fun” department, haha… I just got back from an ER visit this weekend where I found out I have pneumonia (oops), making it the 2nd time at the hospital this month as we were just there when my son decided to crack his head open at the pool! 😦 Fortunately we’re both tough cookies and our health benefits are bonkers ($0 cost for son’s visit where he had to get 5 staples!), but it sure wasn’t the best way to wrap up the summer…

In other more exciting news though, we’re officially all moved in!! And 80% unpacked and living “normally” again! Which I might add is substantially easier to do when you don’t have a day job you need to get to, haha… It’s also helped us to do some good exploring and relaxing in our new town every week, with some days completely forgetting to check email or social media, imagine that?!

In fact, if it weren’t for people asking me when I was coming back to the blog, I’d have thought I was already retired, haha… Which wouldn’t be the best since I very much still need an income 🙂 And plus I started kinda missing y’all and the feeling of productivity.

But the break is now over! Time to get this fiscal party on the road again! And I’ve got a lot of new ideas and mini-epiphanies to share with y’all over the coming weeks, as well as a major announcement and our latest net worth report pre-crash, which I heard something about last week?!

In the meantime, here are a bunch of other little highlights from my time away that may or may not be of interest to you. Would love to hear what you got into over the past 40 days! 🙂

  • Saw the premiere of the Playing With FIRE documentary! It’s really cool, and you should see if it’s playing around your city!
  • We started our wills!! And by “start” I mean we found and contacted a lawyer we like and have almost completed the questionnaire so he has the data needed to get the puppy done once and for all…
  • We saved a bunch of money on our car insurance by switching to Geico moving to Virginia 🙂 Which alone saved us almost $400/year (was also good to update our usage which I’m sure helped as well since we’ll be driving around much less here)
  • We killed the Mrs’ engagement ring insurance ($67/year) after realizing we’ve paid over $700 since getting it, even though it’s no longer important to us! (Another reason to call and do a check-up on your insurances! Never know what’s hiding in there from days gone by.)
  • I bought a bunch of new tools for our lawn and garden which has gotten me more excited about tending to them (more on that later)
  • I re-read a couple of superb books to help keep the mind right: Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home (gonna try making my own mustard and lip balm at home from her recipes!)
  • And then in other health-related news/warnings: don’t ever try to pick up a safe on your own and throw out your back for 3 days! 😦 I’ve never once had that happen to me in my 39 years, and WOW is it scary to be so incapacitated like that… Gave me such an appreciation for how important our bodies are, and will no longer go around pretending I’m invincible.

And with that, I’m taking my own advice and getting back to resting up again to finally wipe out this surprise* ailment…

Will see you guys back here tomorrow! Thanks for sticking around while I was out galavanting! 😉 What’s new in your world?!

*Funny story about this pneumonia – I didn’t really know I had it, but my wife woke me up in the dead of night telling me she thinks I’m having a pulmonary embolism and I needed to head to the ER as soon as I woke up later that morning. You can’t really sleep after hearing THAT news though of course, so I quickly shimmied out at 2:30am and got seen, and while in fact Dr. Google did turn out to be quite wrong (thankfully!), they did catch this sneaky affliction which I’m now on meds for… So a) Thanks to all the significant others out there who are always looking out for us boneheads!!!, and b) please don’t wait until your wife has to literally force you out of the bed when something seems awry 😉 It was a happy ending this time around, but it could have ended drastically different!

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